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  # About us

King Bee Music Academy ® (K.B.M.A) was officially established in 1988 to provide the urban youth of Hackney with the belief and knowledge that music builds self-confidence, and encourages people to play a positive role in their community...

  # What is our Mission & Role ?

We want to make music accessible to all!

We want the music industry to reflect the diversity of society and to celebrate all its great musical traditions. We want African-Caribbean music to take its place in our society. We want to break down the barriers set up by the culturally exclusive groups who dominate the music industry.

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  # Young Gifted 'n' Broke ® : our Role
We   - offer students positive role models.
- develop wide-ranging musical education programmes for young people.
- run training programmes in a caring environment.
- extend employment opportunities.
- provide business and social opportunities for young people, women and socially excluded groups in the borough.

Our Key Objectives To achieve our mission we work to achieve the following:

  • To provide a vocational training service in sound recording and music technology.
  • To train students in the field of sound recording and music technology with a special emphasis on contemporary urban music including Hip-Hop, Garage, R&B, Reggae etc. using the King Bee Music Academy's unique style of teaching to the highest standards.
  • To provide students with as much hands on experience of the most up-to-date equipment as possible, while emphasising possibilities for creative production.
  • To provide our own literature to simplify the complex jargon of sound recording and music technology into simple everyday language.



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